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When you know you want more...

The Story of You!

I know what it’s like to want to pursue something deep down, only to feel disappointed that your dreams got off track, and that you weren't able to celebrate reaching your highest potential.

I understand hesitating at amazing opportunities because you feel that it might make someone else uncomfortable and that you'd hear only criticism instead of support...“No, you shouldn’t do that."

You might be asking yourself: “How is she going to help me be excited about life? How can she help me reach my goals? She doesn't even know me!"

Well, you're right . . .

But here's what I do know: Like many people, your Fearful Self probably speaks on your behalf too much of the time, convincing you to stay where you are: "You’re fine…this is not for you…who are you kidding?"

But have you heard the acronym for FEAR? False Evidence Appearing Real

Yet, it's hard not to feel that fear is, indeed, very real. But that's because you've gotten used to listening to it. It's time to shut off the "Fearful Self."

The best part: I've mastered the art of being brave, and taking risks to uplevel to a better way of accomplishing those goals that we all deserve: better relationships, rewarding careers, and personal achievements.

Are you ready to dream now, dream big, dream you? Let's do this!



P.S. Music in the video below is by yours truly. And yes, it is your time to shine!

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Kathryn Chavez - Your Success Magician

Kathryn Chavez went from Opera Singer and Catholic Cantor to Las Vegas Performer . . .she can help you find your courage to rewrite your story and go after your passion, and purpose. It's never too late for you to remember what you really want to do, what your real dreams are, and for you to create a life you can be happy in.

What Kathryn can do for you:

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Although Kathryn doesn't need oracle cards to read you, she loves...... 

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Need practical, executive-style decision making? Kathryn specializes in........

 Intuition - Kathryn has the power to connect with spirit to help you.....

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Ready to unleash your inner artist? Singing, painting, dancing, performing .....

Amazing Experiences = Purpose and Meaning

Kathryn Chavez has lived and performed in Las Vegas for over 20 years. And she's learned that no matter what our dreams are, it's those amazing moments that give our lives purpose and meaning. What's holding you back from living your amazing experiences?

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