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Do you dream of taking your skills and talents to the next level, but you're not feeling confident about it? Wouldn't you love to nail those performances and presentations every time, and take your career and confidence to where you aspire to be? 

Empowered Vocals is a four-week vocal course, covering some of the most prominent challenges performers, speakers and presenters face such as overcoming stage fright, mastering breathing techniques, perfecting tricky enunciation, and so much more. 

There is also a BONUS week where we will cover accessing your intuition; a tool that will help you tune in to your inner self, get clear on your purpose and manifest the life of your dreams! 

Spend five weeks packed with fun and effective exercises, centering meditations, and live coaching. Gain control of your nerves, feel confident about your body, never run out of breath, and learn how to read your audience!  

If you are a professional singer, actor, speaker, or someone who wants to feel more confident through their voice, then Empowered Vocals is for you. 

Are you ready to feel more confident and in charge of your performance? Are you ready to love the sound of your voice?  Are you ready to make that big presentation without falling apart? Get Empowered Vocals, a four-week program with a bonus week included. Become the Star who's in charge!

 Managing your nerves and conquering triggers

✔ Why having performance jitters can actually help you 

✔ Handling unfamiliar environments and last-minute changes and mishaps

✔ Reading the crowd and feeling the vibe in a room

✔ Body awareness

✔ Alignment from head to toes

✔ Mirror work

Week 1: Tackling Stage Fright

Empowered Vocals Course

Week 2: Breath-Work​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ & Vocal Basics

Empowered Vocals Course

Curriculum Breakdown

✔ Gasping for air vs. filling up

✔ Pacing the exhale – learn to never run out of breath

✔ Breath exercises

✔ Finding your best range

✔ Head voice vs. speech-level singing: a whisper to a shout

✔ Warm up exercises

Empowered Vocals Course

✔ Vowels, consonants and accents

✔ Phrasing for the flow

✔ Diction fix

✔ Ditching bad vocal habits

✔ Show up as a pro

✔ Let your nerves serve you

✔ Unfamiliar environments, last-minute changes and mishaps

✔ What to do with your body

✔ ​​​​​​​Mic and headphones use

Empowered Vocals Course

Week 3: Enunciation

Week 4: Working in the Studio

Empowered Vocals Course

Week 5: Let Your Intuition Lead

​​​​​​​Bonus Week! 

✔ Intuition vs fear: where is it coming from, and what’s driving it?

✔ Setting boundaries

✔ Whose energy is it?

✔ Meditate for success 

✔ Visualization techniques: act as if

Our the next class starts on 

​​​​​​​Januray 15th, 2021!

Our calls take place every Friday at 10 am PT via Zoom. Can't make it live? Don't sweat it! We'll send you the replay.

Apart from the weekly calls, we will also invite you into our private Facebook forum. This is a great opportunity for you to network and share with other course members, ask questions, and be supported! 


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Regularly $997 ​​​​​​​

Announcing the release of Kathryn's newest CD, "Portals."  A musical journey into an uplifting experience where melodic Pop meets the mystical sounds of New Age.  Digital downloads and CD's available now!

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Empowered Vocals Course

Unlock Your Unique Sound Code

with Kathryn Chavez

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Kathryn offers a range of packages from her "Empowered Vocals Course" to one-on-one intuitive sessions, empowerment coaching and voice lessons ... and don't miss out on the free bonuses because all were designed to help you dream now, dream big, and dream YOU!

During this strategic one-hour video session, Kathryn will do more than just 'chat' with you. Tapping into the power of her intense intuition and connection to Spirit, Kathryn will do a deep dive into the most important questions to help create your next steps so you can achieve your dreams, goals, and aspirations. This strategy session is recorded so that you can be completely present without taking notes or losing focus. Get ready to map out your next steps to achieve your truth and purpose with action! It gets even better, because when you purchase a 3-session package, you'll also receive a free Innate Spirit Forecast session, and you can use it at any time, or you can gift to someone!

$249 each or three for $199 per session + Free Innate Spirit Forecast with Three Session Package!

Kathryn will meet with you via video conferencing where you can connect on a deeper level. During your initial lesson, Kathryn will explore your specific needs and will perform some basic vocaling exercises to help assess your range, limitations, and help you recognize any self-sabotaging habits, while helping you instantly improve your vocals and confidence with specific breathing techniques and tips. During additional lessons, Kathryn will continue to help you improve in all areas of presentation, performance, confidence, vocals, breathing, phrasing, timing, image, and personal branding. Your bonus Vocal Tune Up Session is free for you to use at any time, or, you may gift it another! It is time for YOU to dream now, dream big and dream You! 

​​​​​​​$997 for 3 personal video recorded sessions with Free Bonus Vocal Tune Up Session!

During this one-hour video Innate Spirit Forecast Session, Kathryn will record it and send it to you so that you don’t need to take notes or lose focus. This is one hour of in-depth stream of consciousness, where you are encouraged to ask questions such as ‘what is the next right action to take’ or ‘what should I be aware of on my journey?' Although Kathryn doesn’t need to use oracle cards, she loves to use them to help you gain clarity and insight, and will share with you the pack she chose for your reading, as well as providing you with a digital image of your card spread!

$299 per session - $199 each or purchase three for $149 per session and save 25%